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JOE 3 3/4" Sandbags (Set of 10) - JOE-008

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This 1:18 (3 3/4") scale product, as with all Build-A-Rama products, is an essential addition to any military or GI Joe diorama. Build-A-Rama products are specifically designed to complement your military and G I Joe figures, including all types of 1:18 and 3.75" figures like The Corps, Forces of Valor and 21st Century Toys. These military diorama products will make your models come to life.

Build-A-Rama only offers top-of-the-line, diorama model accessories that are hand-crafted in the USA. Each high quality resin piece has been painted and weathered by hand.

G.I. Joe Figures and vehicles created by Hasbro and are shown for scale purposes only and are not included.

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