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(54mm-60mm compatible)

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This is a handcrafted WWII desert diorama created by Mark Vuncannon as part of the Build-A-Rama Custom Diorama Series. This very unique piece has been designed to accommodate a wide range of figure types such as King & Country, Conte, Britains and Frontline to name a few. Each and every diorama in this series has been constructed, painted and weathered by hand to reflect the most authentic scale environment. Now you can display your favorite Toy Soldiers in the accurate setting they were designed for.

This custom 10.5" x 10.5" diorama features realistic ground cover, high quality resin supply crates and drums, and '88mm artillery that has been weathered and painted to reflect the Africa Korp desert scheme and works great with the Africa Korp (DAK) range. Soldiers shown for scale purposes and are not included. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

If you have a particular diorama that you would like to have built you can contact me at mark@build-a-rama.com for quote. Thank you.

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