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Each net has been authintically styled and weatherd by hand. The camo pattern has been modeled after battlefield fortifications ranging from WWII thru Viet Nam. This 12"x12" size net is ideal for covering tanks, jeeps, tents, etc.

Each package includes (1) individual 12"x12" camo net.

This product, as with all Build-A-Rama products, is an essential addition to any military or toy soldier diorama. Build-A-Rama products are specifically designed to complement your military and toy soldier action figures, including all types of G.I. toy collectibles and Joe action figures.

These military diorama products will make your world war models authentic. Build-A-Rama only offers top-of-the-line, five star war model accessories that are hand-crafted in the USA.

Designed to complete all world war (including WWI and WWII), Korean and Vietnam dioramas, as well as modern battle scenes from the Persian Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Supply your military toys with authentic accessories only from Build-A-Rama.

Many Build-A-Rama products are also compatible and even designed for pre-modern era battlefield dioramas, such as the Civil War, Revolutionary War, and other classic toy soldier battle scenes.

They also bring to life your Dragon models, Forces of Valor models and 21st Century models like nothing else.

And remember, every product you buy from Build-A-Rama is fully painted and weathered by hand, ready to bring to life your action figures and models.

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